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LG gram 17 2020 review: this is the ultimate form of portable productivity

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The LG gram series of laptops may be the ultimate implementation and implementation of the concept of "superbook", because this series of notebooks has only one word from the beginning of its birth-light.

This time we say "light" is really light in the physical sense. The new generation of LG gram (or LG gram 2020) can be divided into three sizes from 14 inches to 17 inches. The 14-inch version weighs 999 grams. The largest 17-inch version in our hands is only 1350 grams.

It is a dream of 1350 grams

"1350g" sounds like a painless number, but once you compare the number with the number, you know how powerful this "1350g" is.

New MacBook Air, 13-inch screen, 49.9Wh battery, 1290 grams;

New XPS 13, 13-inch screen, 52Wh battery, starting at 1200g;

New LG gram 17 2020, 17-inch screen, 80Wh battery, 1350 grams.

Yes, this huge 17-inch laptop weighs only one quarter to one third heavier than those we recognize as "thin and light" laptops. So many people, including me, were surprised when they picked up LG gram 17 2020 for the first time, because I could pick up this huge laptop computer with only half of my imagination or even less effort .

It is not as light as a 17-inch screen computer, or even as light as a real computer.

How did LG do it? The answer is magnesium-lithium alloy.

Most of the thin and light laptops you can think of now are made of aluminum alloy, such as the aforementioned MacBook Air and XPS 13. Of course, in addition to laptops made of aluminum alloy, business people can also find ThinkPad made of carbon fiber on the market. Compared with mainstream aluminum alloy materials, LG's magnesium alloy can effectively reduce weight while maintaining similar strength. The lightweight all-magnesium alloy body is the most important reason why LG gram 17 2020 can achieve the amazing weight of 1350 grams on the premise of this figure and 80Wh internal battery.


But the magnesium alloy material is not perfect, because the magnesium alloy's touch is not as "metallic" as the aluminum alloy, so the texture of the previous generation gram body has become a place for many people to complain. In fact, the texture of the previous generation gram and the new generation gram that continues this setting is much better than I expected. The white low-profile shell surface is wrapped with a layer of fine paint, and the official is strong for the magnesium alloy material. A series of MIL-STD 810G tests conducted by the U.S. military industry standards have been done, and there is no need to worry about daily use.

The same texture plus points also have a nice keyboard. Compared with the previous generation of gram, gram 17 2020's keyboard commonly used key positions, such as the Enter key and backspace key are larger. The key caps of the bottom row of the keyboard are larger than those of other rows, so the direction keys that have to be compressed into one row are also enlarged, which can effectively reduce misuse. The enter key is also added on the right side of the small numeric keyboard, so in use scenarios that require continuous input of numbers (such as entering data for Excel tables), the input efficiency of gram 17 2020 is much higher than other ultrabooks.

Thanks to the large size of the fuselage, the area of the touchpad under the LG gram 17 2020 keyboard is also very impressive in the Windows laptop camp. This touchpad is made of glass, and the surface is also processed, so it feels similar to the matte glass back cover of high-end smartphones. This touchpad feels smooth enough, and has excellent stain resistance, even if it is used all day, it will not leave greasy handprints. This touchpad is also certified by Windows Precision, so in addition to excellent touch accuracy, it can also provide support for up to 4 finger gestures.

In short, I have no complaints about the "texture" of LG gram 17 2020. LG even understands that Chinese consumers have included a silicone keyboard membrane in the packaging with a very good touch. The surface of this membrane is even smoother and more delicate than the surface of the keycap. After putting this film on, it can even greatly reduce the noise when the keyboard is struck without affecting the feel of the keyboard. As for the original intention of protecting the keyboard, it seems to be less important.

Then the shape and function settings of LG gram 17 2020 are perfect? No, at least I think its keyboard still has room for improvement.

First of all, LG does not provide the Fn lock function common on other thin and light notebooks. The F function button on the top of the keyboard usually corresponds to F1 ~ F12. This means that if you need to adjust the system volume or brightness, you need to press and hold the Fn button to operate. This is not a problem on a small-sized laptop, but this operation is quite difficult for the larger gram 17 2020. Indeed, this is not a thing that is just needed, but I think if LG can provide a certain option alone, it can meet the different needs of more users.


Long live the full size interface!

It is an underestimate or ulterior motive to remove all the structures on the ultrabook and leave only Type-C.

Yes, we do not deny the advantages of the Type-C interface and Thunderbolt 3 protocol in terms of transmission performance and the functionality provided by a single interface. In the actual application process of more users, the traditional full-size interface is the true meaning of improving work efficiency and reducing travel weight. After all, in actual use, I may need to connect a USB storage device and an external display device. If there is only a Type-C interface on the computer at this time, then I have to spend a hundred dollars to buy a reliable docking station And you have to bring it once you go out.

This is what LG has done well in my opinion. The LG gram series of laptops have not abandoned the traditional full-size interface because of the pursuit of ultimate lightness. Even on the 14-inch version weighing only 999 grams, LG generously gave 2 USB-A ports and 1 full-size HDMI output.

By gram 17 2020, the number of full-size USB-A ports has increased to three, which means that even if the keyboard and mouse are connected at the same time, at least one interface can be reserved for expanding external storage devices. The full-size interface of gram 17 2020 means that it does not require users to purchase additional docking stations to have extremely high scalability. LG even included a Type-C to RJ45 Ethernet in the packaging of gram 17 2020. Adapter to take care of all user needs. The right side of the fuselage contains a UFS card slot, which can also be used to expand storage space after inserting a high-speed UFS memory card-but now UFS memory cards are not particularly mainstream.


This is what is used for "work".

Meet the external scalability, internal scalability is another good aspect of LG gram 17 2020.

The LG gram 17 2020 in the author ’s hand is an i7 + 8GB memory + 512GB SSD version (the SSD installed in our evaluation machine is PM981, which does not exclude the possibility that other batches will use other SSDs), but For some users, especially those who often use Lightroom and Photoshop to edit pictures, 8GB of RAM does not seem to be enough. On many other ultrabooks, the only solution is to add money to a higher configuration version. After all, most ultrabooks today use onboard memory.

Gram 17 2020 actually uses on-board memory, but unlike other ultrabooks, LG provides an additional SO-DIMM memory slot on the original on-board basis, and there are also two M.2 SSD slots on the motherboard. In other words, if 8GB of RAM and 512GB SSD are not enough for you, then just buy an additional memory module (8GB 3200MHz) and install it in the SSD. The timing of its onboard memory is also relatively loose, so there is no need to worry about compatibility issues after installing new memory.

The monetary cost of this approach is often much cheaper than matching the original 16GB memory configuration and higher SSD capacity version. LG even officially provides a "worry-free upgrade" service. Users who are worried about losing warranty or damage due to disassembly can directly mail the computer body and the hardware that needs to be installed or go to the designated outlet for engineers to operate. Compared with the purchase of higher-standard configurations from the original manufacturer, the cost of this upgrade is much lower.

This LG gram 17 2020 configuration is a Core i7-1065G7 processor. The 1065G7 processor is currently one of the most high-end products in the 10th generation low-voltage mobile Core processor family released by Intel. It has 4 cores and 8 threads, and is equipped with Intel's new Iris Plus set display. This is the first time Intel has used its own 10nm process to create an official product. The "G7" in its name corresponds to a set of 64 graphics cores.

In terms of absolute performance, this 1065G7 processor only meets the standard of daily use and simple office at best. Of course, it can reluctantly use Lightroom and Photoshop to process camera RAW files with low pixels. Of course, based on the hardware requirements of these two softwares, adding an additional memory to 16GB on the basis of the original 8GB memory will effectively improve the efficiency of software operation.

It should be pointed out that the fan curve of LG gram 17 2020 is obviously silent, and the fan sound is still very low even under relatively high loads. gram 17 2020 also specially hides the inlet and outlet of the fan at the rotating shaft, so the entire D surface has no outlet at all, and it looks like a whole panel.

This design has affected the performance release of the built-in 1065G7 processor to a certain extent, because the shaft of gram 17 2020 is also designed to be compact, so the ventilation of the air inlet and outlet located behind the shaft is not so smooth. In addition to the fan curve that favors the silent orientation, the full core Turbo frequency of gram 17 2020 will be reduced to 2.2GHz ~ 2.4GHz due to processor heat when the CPU is fully loaded, along with the obvious heating above the C-face keyboard and the keyboard number line. Even in a light text editing application, this area of the C surface will become warm, fortunately, it will not be felt by the fingertip of the keyboard.

Compared to the decent Intel processor, the 17-inch 2560 × 1600 resolution gram 17 2020 is an absolute big surprise. It uses a brighter-looking display rather than a matte screen, and the color gamut of the screen itself can basically cover the sRGB color space. This screen can also be used to play back HDR video, and its look and feel is no worse than some P3 wide color gamut displays.

In actual tests, the LG gram 17 2020 display covers 99% of the sRGB color space. The maximum brightness can reach 413.3nit, the maximum contrast ratio is 1340: 1, the 48-color average △ E is controlled at 1.56, and the brightness and color accuracy are very good. Compared with the ideal 6500K white point, the native color temperature of the gram 17 2020 screen is slightly cold, but it is still within an acceptable range.

On this basis, the LG gram 17 2020 display also has an excellent viewing angle. Watching the screen from almost all directions can get an excellent look and feel, and this provides great convenience for content sharing and collaborative work. In addition to its simple and huge screen size, it does not even need an external display during most of its work.

These are good, but do you really need a 17-inch ultrabook?

This is really different from person to person. Compared with the traditional 13, 14-inch ultrabook, the 17-inch LG gram is indeed a different kind. LG's "lightweight" idea of creating the gram series superbooks is excellent, but when the size reaches the 17-inch level, the high portability brought by the ultra-light body is neutralized to a certain extent by the simple "size". It is true that LG emphasizes that by adopting a 16:10 display and ultra-narrow bezel design, the overall size of LG gram 17 2020 is not larger than that of a traditional 15-inch or 16-inch laptop. The problem is that the traditional 15-inch and 16-inch laptops and " The word "portable" is not too close.

Actually, my LG gram 17 2020 is going to work for a week, my opinion has changed a bit.

In the past, I used to rely on my old XPS 13, external monitor, and keyboard and mouse (of course, I only brought the computer body when I was on a business trip) while using my own desktop computer in the office. However, this setting becomes a problem when going out for work, because the XPS 13 screen and keyboard are really too small, and such a small screen can't hold enough content at all. When I was drafting in a hotel on a business trip, it was difficult for me to arrange several windows side by side as I did on a larger screen device, or edit another picture with one picture as a reference system in Lightroom.

At this time someone should say, although your XPS screen is small, it is portable.

I really want to reserve my opinion about the "portable" XPS. Indeed, the 13-inch screen with narrow bezel design allows me to put it in my backpack more easily. But its own weight is exaggerated (after all, I chose the high-resolution version for the quality of the screen), and its battery life is also pitifully short, I had to take out the power adapter to charge it whenever I had the opportunity.

LG gram 17 2020 is different. This computer became my only text editor after I got it. The i7 desktop in the office has become "assisted" to some extent. I only use it when I need to edit a large number of pictures. Gram 17 2020 is indeed larger than my XPS 13, but it weighs about the same as my XPS 13, and it can still be carried in my backpack (nominally 15 inches of laptops). And because I only work on one computer, I no longer have to worry about the synchronization of document data.

Compared with the XPS 13 I used before, gram's huge 17-inch screen allows me to see the content on the screen clearly while maintaining a healthy and comfortable screen viewing distance. This huge 17-inch screen also makes the multi-window on the same screen have real practical significance, and it has excellent quality and excellent viewing angle. This large screen is paired with a better-performance 10th-generation Core processor, and the experience and efficiency of editing pictures when going out to work have also been greatly improved.

Taking a step back, whether it is in the office or during a business trip, the huge 17-inch screen also makes content sharing and collaborative work (such as modifying documents or pictures under the direction of Party A) very comfortable. Video producers or artists can output videos or pictures on their high-performance computers, and then use LG gram 17 2020 to show them to Party A. This kind of screen that uses your own device to display visual content for Party A is on the one hand convenient, on the other hand, it eliminates the uncertain factor of the screen quality of Party A ’s viewing device. Do n’t you play back the content you made?

That's right, in our opinion, "content sharing" is one of the important uses of the large-sized superbook gram 17 2020, and this content sharing can span work and entertainment. On the one hand, this large screen can be used to display content at work, and can also meet the entertainment needs of 2 or even 3 people when traveling or traveling. In addition to the screen mirroring function that comes with Windows, Android or iOS devices can also project videos or pictures stored on the device to gram 17 2020, a large screen with excellent quality for playback. Compared with the speakers of smartphones, the audio quality of the two speakers that support DTS: X Ultra sound effect of gram 17 2020 is also much higher.

Another benefit of the large body is naturally the large battery. The internal battery of gram 17 2020 80Wh can even support me from 9 am to 6 pm uninterrupted work. In addition, it has a Thunderbolt 3 interface that can be used for power supply. I didn't even unpack the original DC power adapter.

The big screen superbook sounds very strange, but if your job is similar to mine, then LG gram 17 2020 is indeed the kind of "can't go back after you have tried it". Putting these three things together, big screen, light body and long battery life, seems to be the most perfect social productivity machine.

Yes, if you are like me, you are going to work with a backpack on a weekday, and the main work content includes graphic processing, then LG gram 17 2020 is a computer with a sword, but you can get extra happiness and work efficiency.


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