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Which one does Microsoft Surface Pro7 and Laptop 3 choose?

Time:2020-03-17Popularity: Author: 小编


Laptop is an ordinary ultrabook. There is a flaw. You must support the screen when writing, unless you use an extra stand. The advantage of Surface Pro is that it is lightweight, plus less than 1 kg of keyboard, it can be 300 grams lighter than Laptop3. Functionally, the Surface Pro7 is completely stronger than the Surface Laptop3. From a performance perspective, aside from the 15-inch SL3, the SL3 has better heat dissipation to cope with extreme use environments. Note that it is extreme, such as rendering, cutting videos, online games for more than 1 hour, etc. Of course, if you have these needs, you should set up a desktop. So I recommend Surface Pro7.

Let me first talk about my main application on pro. General office, reading (annotation), drawing review comments, creative sketching. Before Pro 5, Microsoft had a standard pen. At that time, buying a Pro was also aimed at the pen. At present, pens are high-priced accessories, and most of the applications that require pens are more professional. And buying a pro will definitely be accompanied by a keyboard, which is not a small expense. Moreover, the screen size of Pro is not suitable for entertainment, and the fanless version of the heat dissipation is not suitable for gaming. On the other hand, the laptop is close to performance and pro, and the positioning of ordinary notebooks can be used out of the box, which should be more in line with the subject's requirements.


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